Dirt line, judging and schedule

The layout of the course runs perpendicular to the city hall of Vienna facing the venerable Burgtheater. This means that the course has a natural decline allowing the riders to do even higher jumps and sicker tricks.

The starting tower will be a bit higher compared to last year and will send the riders over a drop into the dirtline with three large doubles. All doubles consist of a wooden kicker and a dirt landing; the perfect mix for high-level dirt action.


  • The 30 best riders will be competing against each other on their way to the finals.
  • The best out of two runs will determine over who’s going to fail or who enters the finals.
  • As an additional highlight of the day the qualifying is followed by the "Panasonic Best Trick Contest“  - an action packed jam session.


  • The best 15 riders compete in the finals against each other -2 runs, the best counts.
  • The best 6 riders proceed to the super finals where they get the chance to improve their score in one final run.