Alex "AzeAce" Etzold

Date of birth: 11.02.1982
Nationality: German
Residence: Cologne, Germany
Team name: Team Solid
Sponsors: Solidbikes, Fox, Eastpak, Peoplesstore

Riders Biography:
Began to ride BMX at the age of 9 years and started Freestyle 3 years later. I’m riding mountainbikes since my 20th birthday.

Beste Resultats:
First european 26”Bikerider who did a 360Flip in a comp. German Champion in BMX Halfpipe Masterclass

Video Segments:
Comes hopefully soon.

Favourite Trick:
360 Flip

What is your philosophy of life?
Be true-hearted to yourself. Give love and you will get love.

What do you expect of the Vienna Air King 2008?
I do expect a great atmosphere with friends and nice shaped dirt in front of a beautiful place.