Andi Brewi

Rider: Andi Brewi
Date of birth: 31.05.1985
Nationality:  Austrian
Residence:  Vienna
Sponsors: KTM, Mastersofdirt, Dotz, 3essen, TSG, Profile Racing, Spank

Best Results:
2007: 2nd Vienna Air King Best Trick, Vienna (Austria)
2007: 3rd Homegrown Tour, Mühlhausen (Germany)
2007: 4th Nissan Outdoor Games, Interlaken (Switzerland)
2007: 4th Kona Cool Runnings, Levi (Finland)

Video Segments: MOD, Riding the Alps, Dirt Rider

Favourite Trick: Flair, Superman

What is your philosophy of life?
Don´t hesitate, live!

What do you expect of the Vienna Air King 2009?
I’m building that course, so what do you think?!