Jakub Vencl

Rider: Jakub Vencl
Date of birth: 07.09.1989
Nationality:  Czech
Residence:  Prague, Czech Republic
Sponsors: Author, Rst racing, Sombrio

Rider’s Biography:
I have been riding biketrials since I was 10. In 2005 I became european champion in junior-class. In 2007/2008 i needed something new so I switched to freestyle and freeride mountainbiking!

Best Results:
2008: 6th Adidas Slopestyle Saalbach (AUT)
2008: 11th Kona White Style08 Leogang (AUT)
2008: 1st Freestyle Games
2008: 1st MeatFly Contest

Video Segments: Kolotoč 360

Favourite Trick: 360

What is your philosophy of life?
Enjoy your time!

What do you expect of the Vienna Air King 2009?
Good jumps, fun and another new experience!