Kevin Katinas

Rider: Kevin Katinas
Date of birth: 20.12.1985
Nationality:  Dutch
Residence:  Netherlands
Sponsors: Kona, Hope, Spank

Rider’s Biography:
Used to do competitions in crosscountry mountainbiking, then started jumping with that bike and found out it was way more fun!  Now dj-ing for 2.5 years!

Best Results:
2008: 1st SDG Dirt Competition Bike Motion Utrecht (NED)
2008: 1st Best Trick Freeride Competition Maasmechelen (BEL)
2008: 1st DJ Competition Heerenveen (NED)

Favourite Trick: Flatspins

What is your philosophy of life?
You should do what you love, and call it living!

What do you expect of the Vienna Air King 2009?
Well.. If this years event is gonna be even close to what i've seen from last years..  its gonna be a hell of ride!! Sweet big jumps.. good times! Nice people and loads of fun!