Martin Söderström

Rider: Martin Söderström
Date of birth: 04.03.1990
Nationality:  Sweden
Residence:  Uppsala
Sponsors: Ns bikes, Tune, Hope, Poc, Peak Performance,,

Rider’s Biography:
I have been riding mountainbikes for about 8 years now, but 2008 was my first year as a professional rider. I like to ride all the disciplines in Mountainbiking. 

Best Results:
2008 1st Nissan Qashqai Challenge Munich (Germany)
2008 2nd Vienna Air King (Austria)
2008 2nd Adidas Slopestyle (Austria)
2008 7nd Nissan Qashqai Overall

Favourite Trick: 360 combinations

What is your philosophy of life?
Don’t think, just do it

What do you expect of the Vienna Air King 2009?
Sick track like last year. With awesome riders on course and with amazing riding like last year. Still snow in Sweden so I just want to ride outdoors!