Matthias Gattringer

Rider: Matthias Gattringer
Date of birth: 17.11.1987
Nationality:  Austria
Residence:  Vienna
Sponsors: Nox cycles, Rockstar energy, Setup clothing

Rider’s Biography:
Having fun with riding bikes since 2004...contest riding since 2006 or 07…

Best Results:
2008 13th Vienna Air King (Austria)
2008 6th Niki Leitners Dirtgarden Jam (Austria)
2008 5th King of Dirt, Tieschen (Austria)

Favourite Trick: Backflip no-hand

What is your philosophy of life?
Don´t think, just live it...

What do you expect of the Vienna Air King 2009?
A hell of a nice weekend as every year, just to have a good time at a progressive contest…