Sam Pilgrim

Rider: Sam Pilgrim
Date of birth: 04.06.1990
Nationality: British
Residence: Colchester, UK
Sponsors: Diamondback bikes, Animal, TSG, HALO & Animal

Rider’s Biography:
I've been riding 5-6 years and two of those years as a pro. The first comp I won was at the age of 14, the filthy 48 (UK) and since then progressed more and more to the level of riding I’m at now.

Best Results:
2008 1st Vienna Air King
2007 1st Overall King of Dirt
2007 1st Austrian King of Dirt
2007 1st Kona Les Getz jump competition

Favourite Trick: Backflip Tailwhip

What do you expect of the Vienna Air King 2009?
A well organised contest and a lot of fun!!!