Benny Korthaus

Rider: Benny Korthaus
Date of birth: December 30th, 1982Nationality: German
Residence: Munich, Germany
Sponsors: Red Bull, Oakley, Vans, Fox Shocks, 661, Schwalbe

Rider’s Biography:
He started riding bmx race when he was 5 years old, after 8 years he
got more into jumping and doing tricks so he started with freestyle bmx and did that for about 10 years. Since 2006 he has been riding more and more with his 26’’ bike and is pulling similar tricks to the ones he did on his bmx bike. He really enjoys it and has a lot of fun. In spring 2008 he was the first guy ever to show a 360 double tailwhip during a mountain bike dirt jump contest. Of course he won the best trick competition at the Vienna Air King 2008 in front of 10,000 people by pulling that mad move. Benny ripped the next contests like a maniac.

Best Results:

2009: 7th Big in Bavaria, Munich (GER)
2008: 2nd Nissan Qashqai Challenge overall tour
2008: 6th Nissan Qashqai Challenge, Munich (GER)
2008: 3rd Nissan Qashqai Challenge, Madrid (ESP)
2007: 1st Vienna Air King, Vienna (AUT)
2007: 1st Eurobike-Step it up, Friedrichshafen (GER)

Video Segments:
New World Disorder 9

Favourite Trick:
360 Tailwhip

What is your philosophy of life?
You can achieve whatever you want when you put your time and your heart into it.

What do you expect of the Vienna Air King 2010 ?
Fun!Good contest and good grip.