Lance McDermott

Rider: Lance McDermott
Date of birth: January 21st 1986
Residence:  Manchester, UK
Bike Sponsor: Saracen Bikes
Other Sponsors: Saracen Bikes, Monster Energy, adidas, O'Neal, Gusset, Park Tools, Ogio, Gloryfy Eyewear, Gusset parts, Halo Wheels

best results in the last 2 years:

2011: 22nd
FMB World Tour ranking
2011: 23rd Red Bull District Ride, Nuremberg (GER)
2011: 6th Go Big or Go Home, Munich (GER)
2011: 6th 26 Trix, Leogang (AUT)
2011: 7th FISE Slopestyle, Montpellier (FRA)
2009: 2nd White Style, Leogang (AUT)
2009: 1st White Style Best Trick, Leogang (AUT)

Favourite trick:

What is your philosophy of life?
You get out what you put in, if you work hard you achieve good results!

What do you expect of the Vienna Air King 2012?
A big contest