Carson Storch

Rider: Carson Storch
Date of birth: 03.05.1993
Residence: Bend, Oregon, USA
Bike Sponsor: Diamondback
Other Sponsors: Clif Bar, Kenda, Chromag, Smith Optics, Shimano, Giro, Quintin Co.

best results in the last 2 years:

2013: 3rd Ranchstyle (USA)
2013: 3rd Kamikazee Games (USA)
2012: 4th UDUG Invitational (USA)
2012: 7th Jumpship (CAN)

Favourite trick:

Crackin’ a whip

What is your philosophy of life?
You gotta slay the dragon to get the princess

What do you expect of the Vienna Air King 2014?
Never been to VAK, but looks like a good time riding bikes.